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What can do? is a simple AI email bot service that can help you with a variety of tasks. Here are some of the services we offer:

File Conversion

Send files to [email protected] to convert them to a specified format. We'll process and send back the converted file.

Send a file to convert to PDF


Email tasks or important dates, and receive a reminder email at the specified date and time.

Set a reminder

Recurring Jobs

Request daily or periodic tasks, like receiving a screenshot of a dashboard, delivered via email.

Schedule a recurring job


Request information gathering on a specific topic, and receive an email with summaries and links.

Request research on a topic

Meeting Scheduling Assistance

Send meeting preferences, and get help with finding a suitable slot or interacting with invitees.

Get meeting scheduling assistance

Expense Reports

Forward receipts to compile them into a structured expense report, emailed back to you.

Send expense report request

Language Translation

Send text or documents for translation into a different language, delivered via email.

Request language translation

Email-Based Surveys

Conduct surveys, collecting and compiling email responses for user research or feedback.

Conduct an email-based survey

Personalized News Digest

Subscribe to topics of interest and receive a daily or weekly digest of news articles.

Subscribe to a news digest

Forwarding, Connecting, Sharing

Share information by formatting and sending emails to a list of recipients.

Share information with others