Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices concerning data collection, use, and disclosure for users of our service during the public alpha testing phase.

Data Collection and Use

No data is stored, tracked, or saved while in public alpha testing. Our service is designed to respect your privacy, ensuring that your interaction with the platform remains confidential.

User Registration

No user registration is needed to access and use our service. We have designed our platform to be accessible without the need for personal information, enabling you to use our services anonymously.

Data Selling Policy

No data ever will be sold to third parties. We believe in maintaining a trustworthy relationship with our users, and the selling of personal data conflicts with our core values and principles.

Private Conversations

We ensure that all conversations held on our platform remain private. Our commitment to privacy means that we take every necessary measure to protect your information and ensure that your interactions remain confidential.